Danny Hughes

Artist and spiritual crusader Danny Hughes has a profound gift he is compelled to share with the world. Lucky for us, Danny Hughes has found his calling.

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About Danny Hughes

Artist and spiritual crusader Danny Hughes has a profound gift he is compelled to share with the world. Lucky for us, Danny Hughes has found his calling. “I spent the better part of my life searching for answers to life’s questions,” he reflects. “I was looking for happiness and fulfillment, but felt like I was constantly jumping from job to job, and relationship to relationship, without ever finding any meaning or lasting fulfillment. I couldn’t seem to fill the... Read More

empty feeling.” It is an overwhelmingly common phenomena of the human spirit, but one which Danny seems to have finally begun to understand. “The beauty of being dissatisfied with your life is that it forces you to search. Through all of the confusion, tears, and pain, it brought me to where I am today. I am where I am now, with a more simplistic view of a life that is very fulfilling.” Danny’s secret to happiness is no secret at all; rather a beautiful gift he is willing—be it compelled-- to share with the world at large. “’Be where you are at’ is phrase I often say to myself. I find that when I am feeling uncomfortable, it is because I am either living in yesterday or tomorrow. I also believe that each life unfolds perfectly by design, and it is only my perception or my opinion that puts me into a place of non acceptance.” If only it were that easy. Danny knows that life has its obstacles and that he, like everyone on this planet, is faced with daily challenges. “Just be,” he says simply. “Just be in this perfect world, and carry courtesy, kindness, justice, and love into all that you put your hand to, without judgment or expectation. Realize also, that life’s challenges are simply opportunities, that we are given, to be consciously proactive instead of unconsciously reactive. The end result is a direct infusion of light that will create lasting fulfillment and effect true spiritual transformation.” It was after this profoundly simple realization that Danny received a gift from a dear friend, a piece of steel with words etched into it that read: What would you attempt to do if you knew that you would not fail? “I had no idea at the time how those fourteen words would effect the course of my life,” says Hughes, but it was clearly the beginning of a beautiful thing. Danny set out to do exactly what he felt he should do, believing, perhaps for the first time, that he would not fail. The results were mind blowing. Danny began creating art that spoke to him so truthfully and so clearly, he knew it was his path. Using his knowledge of Kabbalah, Danny began creating works of art, which seemed to breath a life of their own. “Kabbalah is not dogmatic,” explains Danny. “The seventy-two names of God are simply a series of tools that have been given to mankind. The sequences of letters in these paintings emit a particular energy that aid in specific areas of life and have been around for thousands of years. Up until about 60 years ago, only a select few were able to study the works of which these paintings originate.” Viewers were quick to concur, and Danny developed a fiercely loyal and intense following. “To sit in front of one of these paintings will call a knowing that has been lying dormant in your soul for along time, maybe even lifetimes. There’s an intense energy,” Danny explains, “and it resonates a truth we already know—deep within ourselves.” Indeed, standing in front of a Danny Hughes work of art is no less than a spiritual experience. “The symbology connects us to energy forces that are already present within each one of us.” Profound, but simple. Profoundly simple. “The purpose of this work is to aid in giving the planet back to themselves, one beautiful soul at a time.”

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