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In 2004, Brayden Bugazzi earned his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Photography at Herberger School of fine art Arizona State University Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

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In 2004, Brayden Bugazzi earned his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Photography at Herberger School of fine art Arizona State University Graduated Magna Cum Laude. This was a big accomplishment for him because he was a high school dropout and a lot people thought he would never succeed. He was always an artist at heart drawing and painting all through his childhood, and in college he created his first collage out of magazines that made up an artwork of... Read More

then a boxing champ Lennox Lewis. He wanted to aim high so he thought fashion photography in LA was a good way to utilize his creativity, the skills he had been building as a photographer, and photographer assistant for an internationally recognized photographer based near his college. In his photography career he was able to build it up to a really high level and branched out to celebrity, and editorial photographic work however, during the recession of 2008 and the years following he hit some really hard times and ended up homeless living in the RV he used for on location photo shoots. During that period he started to really think beyond the next commercial project being offered and started to revisit his passion for art. He didn't have much money to advance his photography portfolio, so he went to the art store bought some glue, took some old magazines, and started gluing them together to recreate his photographs similar to the artwork he did in college based on the boxer. Photography work started to pick up and he finally found some galleries to show his art around the Los Angeles area and Santa Monica. This resulted in him being able to get off the streets. Through the years, he has been able to continuously advance his artwork to a point that he is hardly doing any photography and is mostly doing art that is seen all around the world in 7 different countries, and 3 different continents. Just recently he did a project with The Lost Warhol's based on a photograph of him by celebrity photographer Karen Bystedt, and not only did the original sell with a large portion of proceed going to the Gods Love We Deliver charity based out of NYC, but a special Irish original version of it sold in Ireland. In the past 5 years, he has done works for numerous well known celebrities, like the Chain Smokers, Queen Latifah, Nikki Minaj, been in numerous galleries, art fairs like recently he had a work up that was in one of the top fairs at art Basel Miami called Context Art Fair, done projects with huge corporations like Dyson, printed in publication like New York Post, Ireland Times,, La Weekly, and has completed several murals around his home turf Hollywood CA. In the past year his work has been seen in seven different countries in 3 different continents. He has found an audience with this new emerging Art collector that is looking for something fun, with a clever thought behind it, but can hold up in the means that is used in the construction of the art works being that many years have passed where it is more about the conceptual idea, than it is about spending time creating the work. He is concerned with putting in a high level of sophistication into the art work in contrast to other well known artist, where it is all about zero effort all in construction and is 100 percent conceptual idea and branding. What it is that he puts into his works is an extreme attention to detail and he is able to achieve that by putting together thousands of pieces from recycled materials ,mainly magazines. As his art career has progressed he has balanced the addition of different elements into his works to separate himself from the list of other artist that make their names in magazine collage. He likes to think of himself a bit like a fusion chef at a super modern restaurant that takes different ideas and fuses them together in a cohesive display of one's creative energy. He has also enjoyed the collaborative vibe in the artist community, like his work with Karen in the Lost Warhol's Exhibit that has been traveling all over the world, and has garnished a great deal of attention. In the past month his career came full circle when someone very close to the WBC heavy weight boxing champ Deontay Wilder by his wife Shuntel Swift who commissioned him to do a super artwork utilizing all of his skills in art. It really brought a tear to the artists eye working on the piece because he remembered that first artwork he created in his studio apartment so long ago during his college days.

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