Fran DiGiacomo

Mary Stratton

Sam Shuter

Eric Christensen

Ziba Afshar

My love for Art began when I was four years old. I remember drawing my newborn cousin like it was yesterday. I drew him perfectly, like a photograph. The way he would lay there, the colors of his onesie. My relatives flipped out and everyone was in shock. From then on, all my presents were… Continue reading Ziba Afshar

Mario Jung

Myung Mario Jung was born on September 14th, 1949 in Seoul, Korea. His promising career as an artist began in the mid 80’s, but his life changed dramatically after a catastrophic fall from a third story balcony left Mario blind, deaf and paralyzed. Not even interested in food, Mario had given up, until he had… Continue reading Mario Jung

Nakisa Seika

Nakisa Seika was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1974. Emerging from this bustling metropolis, where fantasy form meets commercial function, Nakisa was instantly thrust into a collective climate motivated by internal passion and intellectual duty. As instinctively as one would take her first steps or utter words, Nakisa delved deeply into the creative soul that… Continue reading Nakisa Seika

Neno Ramos

Evolution! This is a recurring theme in the work of this São Paulo artist who has been winning the world. Architect, Neno Ramos began painting professionally in 1994 and since then has been researching materials and developing techniques that repackage and reinvent pop art. He switched the banday reticles, much used in pop art, creating… Continue reading Neno Ramos

Louise McNaught

Louise McNaught received her BA Hons in Fine Art from Greenwich University in 2012. Louise McNaught‘s creations feature nature, animals, and the celestial realm in glorious, blazing neon hues, where the animals are God-like, Sublime, and ethereal in their luminescence. Not wishing to limit herself or her subject matter, McNaught has a mixed-media approach which… Continue reading Louise McNaught

Nicoletta Belletti

Nicoletta Belletti lives and works in Parma, Italy. Her permenant hometown studio has been open for more than 10 years at Via Farini 63 in Parma. Nicoletta has several artistic collaborations including the Centro Botanico Moutan in Viterbo which keeps the world’s greatest collection of Chinese Peonies as well as with Salumificio Terre Ducale (producer… Continue reading Nicoletta Belletti